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    What wood is used for skateboards?

    For those who haven’t known yet, skateboard decks are constructed from multiple plies of wood which are pressed and shaped to create your standard skateboard deck. To adjust the sturdiness as well as flexibility of the board, they just need to change the number of ply being put into the board.

    And for a very long time, Maple wood has been one of the most popular materials for skateboard decks due to their exceptional functionality and durability. However, with the introduction of other materials like bamboo and fiberglass, skateboard decks now feature a wide variety of different choices and performances.

    If you’re wondering about which kind of board to get, then you’ll definitely find our post useful. Here we’ll introduce different materials that are used to make skateboard decks along with their pros and cons so that you can decide which one is perfect for you.

    Maple Wood

    The Best Longboard Wheels
    The Best Longboard Wheels

    Since the start of the skateboarding era, people have been using maple plywood to create some of the most incredible skateboards. The sturdy and bendy nature of maple wood allows them to become one of the best material for making skateboard decks up until now.

  • Is it easier to learn to skateboard or longboard
    Skateboarding Tricks

    Is it easier to learn to skateboard or longboard?

    Cruising: Under 1 Week

    the Original Penny and the Nickel Board
    the Original Penny and the Nickel Board

    You can use both your skateboards and longboards for cruising. If you’re quite athletic and have good balance, this should take you less than a week to master. In fact, some people get this down in a couple of hours.

    However, if you’re a young rider and have not developed very good balance yet, it may take you several days. It can be helpful to have a mentor, a parent around to help you in case you fall. It’s a good idea to practice with some kind of cushion around like a sofa. You can practice in your garage and place your old couch nearby to catch you in case you fall.

    We also recommend wearing protective gears like a helmet or knee and elbow pads. This is important for beginners and especially very young ones.

  • What is the difference between a cruiser skateboard and a longboard
    Skateboarding Tricks

    What is the difference between a cruiser skateboard and a longboard?

    Cruiser Boards

    Skateboard deck construction
    Skateboard deck construction

    Cruiser boards are usually 22” to over 37” in length and around 7” to 9” in width. Compared to regular skateboards, they are somewhat similar and sometimes longer. However, compared to longboards, cruiser boards are usually shorter. Some people also call cruiser boards in the 40” range longboards.

    The wheels on cruiser boards are usually soft and around 55 – 60mm. These are a bit smaller than those on longboards. Because cruisers are generally shorter, they are much lighter than longboards. This makes cruisers super easy to put in your backpack or under a bus seat.

    If you want to travel short distances from point A to B, then cruiser boards are your perfect choice. The deck is usually flat and taller than regular skateboards. This makes speeding up super easy and provides a very comfortable riding experience.

    You can also choose cruiser boards that have a kicktail or some concave. With these shapes, you’ll be able to do some simple tricks whenever you like. Note, however, that cruiser boards are not specifically designed to grind curbs or do ollie tricks. Their trucks and decks won’t be able to stand such abuse.

    Also, don’t race on your cruiser boards downhill. Because cruisers’ main purpose is for cruising, racing downhill on a cruiser may cause instability and sometimes injuries. Other than that, cruisers are a great mode of transportation for college students or beginners on flat terrains.