About Us

Skateboard, patineta, or 滑板, people everywhere all over the world love this fascinating sport. Here, we are Global Skateboard Network bringing all the love from many different cultures, countries, and communities in one simple place!

Our Hope

People around the world have their very own versions of many different skateboard tricks. We love diversity! From India to Africa, we want to unite players around the world so all can learn from each other and have interesting conversations. We definitely need to learn more languages, too! But thanks for speaking English. It makes communicating much easier!

Our Team

Lillian is our manager from the US. She herself is a skateboard lover. She has a collection of more than 12 skateboards. She custom designed all of them. Well, not her first board though. She’s very willing to share what she knows with the world and is practicing her Spanish every day, too!

This is Lillian C. Johnstoâns. He’s from Japan. We guess you could call him the Sushi in our team. He flies on that skateboard like a piece of sashimi salmon under his control. His English is not very good, though. But he’s very funny. We definitely will visit his hometown in Osaka some day!

Namaste, here’s Anthony E. Jones. He’s from India. Yet, he doesn’t like curry. He finds it funny how many people think Indian people are crazy about curry powder. It’s a no for him. He’s a very active and sporty man. He flies that skateboard like Aladdin flying the magic carpet. Well, he can definitely show us a whole new world!


Reading this blog, you’ll become a significantly more intelligent player. You’ll gain many insights from people all over the world. That way, you won’t make stupid mistakes like many do over and over again. Also, you can contribute to this global network by sharing your stories and ideas. In our network, everyone has a voice and we value all input equally. Thank you for being here. Hope you’ll have a great time!