What is the difference between a cruiser skateboard and a longboard
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What is the difference between a cruiser skateboard and a longboard?

Cruiser Boards

Skateboard deck construction
Skateboard deck construction

Cruiser boards are usually 22” to over 37” in length and around 7” to 9” in width. Compared to regular skateboards, they are somewhat similar and sometimes longer. However, compared to longboards, cruiser boards are usually shorter. Some people also call cruiser boards in the 40” range longboards.

The wheels on cruiser boards are usually soft and around 55 – 60mm. These are a bit smaller than those on longboards. Because cruisers are generally shorter, they are much lighter than longboards. This makes cruisers super easy to put in your backpack or under a bus seat.

If you want to travel short distances from point A to B, then cruiser boards are your perfect choice. The deck is usually flat and taller than regular skateboards. This makes speeding up super easy and provides a very comfortable riding experience.

You can also choose cruiser boards that have a kicktail or some concave. With these shapes, you’ll be able to do some simple tricks whenever you like. Note, however, that cruiser boards are not specifically designed to grind curbs or do ollie tricks. Their trucks and decks won’t be able to stand such abuse.

Also, don’t race on your cruiser boards downhill. Because cruisers’ main purpose is for cruising, racing downhill on a cruiser may cause instability and sometimes injuries. Other than that, cruisers are a great mode of transportation for college students or beginners on flat terrains.


What are some tips for learning skateboarding
What are some tips for learning skateboarding

Out of the many types of boards available, longboards are the longest and tallest one. They are usually over 37” long. The wheels on longboards are 60mm and above. With such power, longboards are great for long distances, downhill racing, or even carving.

Like cruiser boards’ wheels, wheels on longboards are soft. You can, however, change the hardness of the wheels to fit your liking. These bad boys do an excellent job at extreme speeds. If you’re into powerslides, this is your pal right here.

Unlike cruisers, you won’t be able to speed up very quickly on longboards. This is partly because of the bigger wheels and longer deck. However, once your longboard gets up to speed, it can provide a much more stable ride, especially with inclines.

It can be a bit awkward to carry longboards around. They do take up a bit more space than cruiser boards. Also, longboards are more expensive. However, they last a very long time.

If you’re new to longboarding, we recommend getting a drop deck one. It has a small concave in the middle, helping you stay closer to the ground. This helps beginners to keep balance on the board much easier.

Difference in feel

Riding a longboard feels very different than riding a cruiser board. Longboards are more flexible. They allow you to make bigger turns quickly and carve the sidewalk beautifully. You’ll also roll over cracks without losing stability. It feels amazing at high speeds. Some compare longboarding to surfing.

By contrast, cruiser boards give you this feeling of an easy, nice cruise. For us, they are a bit easier to manage. They are lighter to carry around and easy to put in our backpack. We wouldn’t want to carry a longboard on the train or bus. We get this very quick and direct response when riding a cruiser, which is also nice.

Difference in shape

You’ll often find cruiser boards that shape like regular popsicle-shaped skateboards. There are slight variations as well. For kids, there are cruisers that shape like Easter eggs so the young riders will be able to control the boards easily. You’ll also find cruiser boards with a flat nose. The decks are also flat most of the times.

Longboards, on the other hand, have more unique shapes. You’ll find longboards with pintails, drop-through decks, and swallowtails. Some longboards have a bit of concave, whereas others are flat. With such design, we generally don’t recommend longboards for kids. It’s a bit too hard for them to maneuver.

Difference in trucks

Despite some similarities in trucks construction (bushings, bearings, base plates, etc.), the main difference between cruisers and longboards lies in the inverted trucks. Specifically, longboards’ trucks have an inverted design compared to cruisers and regular skateboards.

What’s the point of having an inverted truck then?

It’s for easier control over long rides and inclines. Also, within the longboards category, you’ll find some differences in the bushings. Longboards designed for carving have softer bushings compared to those designed for downhill racing.

With the kingpin sitting through trucks hangar, longboards also provide more stability than cruisers.

Quick Summary

  • Cruiser board is shorter and narrower than a longboard
  • Cruiser board is much lighter than a longboard
  • Cruiser is great for short commutes
  • Longboard is perfect for longer rides, carving, and downhill racing
  • Longboard provides a more stable feel
  • Both have quite soft wheels
  • Both can ride over some rough terrains

You should pick a cruiser board if:

You want a cheap transporter around the neighborhood or college campus. Or you want to carry the board around easily and don’t need racing.

You should pick a longboard if:

You want a reliable partner on longer rides. Or you want to have that awesome experience of racing downhill at high speeds and feeling like you’re surfing the surface.


you must have a full body leather suit, a full face helmet
you must have a full body leather suit, a full face helmet

We hope that after reading the post, you now have a clearer understanding of some differences between a cruiser and a longboard. As you can see, they are not that difficult to choose.

To sum up, if you’re a beginner with a slightly tight budget, a cruiser board can definitely take you around town in style and safety.

On the other hand, if you have some more bucks to spend, a longboard will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. Whatever choice you make, have fun boarding!