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What wood is used for skateboards?

For those who haven’t known yet, skateboard decks are constructed from multiple plies of wood which are pressed and shaped to create your standard skateboard deck. To adjust the sturdiness as well as flexibility of the board, they just need to change the number of ply being put into the board.

And for a very long time, Maple wood has been one of the most popular materials for skateboard decks due to their exceptional functionality and durability. However, with the introduction of other materials like bamboo and fiberglass, skateboard decks now feature a wide variety of different choices and performances.

If you’re wondering about which kind of board to get, then you’ll definitely find our post useful. Here we’ll introduce different materials that are used to make skateboard decks along with their pros and cons so that you can decide which one is perfect for you.

Maple Wood

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Since the start of the skateboarding era, people have been using maple plywood to create some of the most incredible skateboards. The sturdy and bendy nature of maple wood allows them to become one of the best material for making skateboard decks up until now.

However, when shopping for a maple skateboard deck, make sure they’re legit. I’ve seen a lot of “maple” skateboards that are made from cheap birch woods, which are nowhere near your high-quality maple decks.


Excellent quality

Maple skateboard decks are made from high-quality maple woods harvested from the maple tree that only grows in the Northern regions of North America. Here, due to the short growing season, the tree develops smaller and more rigid rings.

This makes Maple woods a lot more durable and sturdy compared to most other types of wood. Hence, you’ll find your skateboard deck having good durability as well as bendiness. This also helps to prevent abrasion and chipping on the deck.

Weather resistance

Maple woods are great when dealing with most weather conditions. Their thick and compact nature giving them great resistance to water as well as heat. Hence you can take your maple skateboard out for all kinds of skateboarding activities without having to worry about its condition. Still, too much of something is never good, to begin with, so make sure you don’t dry your skateboard out in the burning sun or soak it with water for too long.


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Maple destroyer

Did you know that it takes for at least 50 to 60 years for a Maple tree to mature and ready to be chopped down to construct your skateboard? That being said, once they’re harvested to make skateboards, you’ll need half a century to grow the trees back.

In facts, it is stated that the skateboarding industry is responsible for the major deforestation of Maple trees in North America. So if you think it isn’t worth chopping down all the trees just to make your skateboard, you might want to reconsider the options.


Another thing with your Maple skateboard is that they tend to cost a little more compared to the cheaper bamboo decks. Especially if you’re talking about the high-quality Maple woods that are originated from Canada.


There are good reasons for people to start switching to bamboo skateboards instead of their old trusted Canadian maple decks. But would that be enough for you? Let’s find out.


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The most popular range of wheel’s durometer is within 75a-90a

Environmental friendly

Technically speaking, since we’re still chopping bamboos down for making our maple decks, it’s not a completely environmental-friendly. However, since bamboos are, surprisingly, a type of grass and they also grow fairly quick, the damages are not too great and can be repaired just by replanting new trees (or grasses, whatever).

However, if you’re thinking of getting a new bamboo skateboard, you should know that they’re usually not constructed completely from bamboo. Instead, they often put three to four plies of maple wood in the between, just to maintain a good sturdiness and durability for your board.

Great flex

Another thing with bamboo boards is that they tend to have much better flex compared to a maple deck, especially with old skateboards. That being said, you’ll find it easier flying and jumping around with your bamboo boards. On the other hand, if you’ve been keeping your maple board in your trunk for a long summer day, usually, they don’t pop as good as before.


It’s always great to have a lighter board, you can easily fly around without having to really work on it. In additions, lighter boards also offer more portability. Which means that you can easily walk around carrying your board without feeling anything.


Even when you’re having boards that consist of only two layers of bamboo, they would still cost a little bit more than your complete maple hardwood boards. That being said, if you’re aiming to cut some costs on your skateboard while still maintaining the quality, you might want to go for bamboo boards.


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Less rigid

For most of the time, you’ll feel your bamboo boards a little bit less solid compared to your good old maple board. This is largely because of the differences between the texture of bamboo and maple. The bamboo is technically a type of grass, so they don’t offer too much rigidity. While with the hard maple deck, you’ll feel extremely stable.

Carbon Fiber

If you’re someone who are skeptic about your products and don’t want something that is less durable or flexible at the same time, the carbon fiber skateboards are for you.



Due to the nature of carbon fiber, these boards are extremely sturdy and durable. You can take your skateboard out for skating the whole day without having to worry about chipping or even a scratch. In addition, carbon fiber boards are also resisted to most weather conditions including water and high temperature. Which means that you’ll have a superboard ready to be skate on at any time.


In additions, these boards are also surprisingly light, allowing them to have great portability. Hence, you can comfortably carry your board around without paying much attention to the weight.

Good flex

Another thing with carbon fiber boards is that they also have great flexibility, almost as much as the high-quality bamboo boards.


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the strengths of Shark Wheels


With all that awesomeness, we all know what we’re getting at. That being said, you’ll likely have to pay a little bit extra just to own these types of skateboard deck on your collection.

And that’s our opinions on what wood is used for skateboards. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.